Nutrition education – notions for a healthy diet

What does the workshop mean?

The predisposition to develop significant chronic illnesses such as hypertension, diabetes, various dyslipidaemias, obesity and not only is written in the genes of each person. Healthy eating, balanced both quantitatively and qualitatively, as part of a healthy lifestyle, can prevent or delay the onset of these diseases. This workshop addresses those of you who are keen to know about what a healthy diet means, so that they maintains an optimal state of health. The information you receive will allow you to optimize your eating style, get rid of the notion of diet, and see food as an ally in health to maintaining overall health. The workshop is intended for all people concerned with healthy eating.

Whom is the nutrition education workshop for?

The workshop addresses all people concerned with healthy eating, providing general information about a healthy lifestyle.

What is the most important problem solved by the workshop?

The online environment is invaded by contradictory nutrition information - the workshop is aimed at disseminating correct information from incorrect information.

What is the main benefit of participating in the workshop?

The importance of the workshop is that the information obtained here can be applied immediately, with a favourable impact on the whole family.

What is the agenda of the workshop?

1. What does a healthy lifestyle mean?

2. Why do we eat?

3. Food - friend or enemy

4. When do we eat? - the notion of hunger / appetite / satiety

5. When do we stop?
6. General notions of digestion

7. Arguments in favour of food diversity

8. About sources

9. About detox

10. About diet
11. About obesity

12. How much do I consume?

13. Preparation / conservation

14. Messages to take home

Who conducts the workshop?

Because nutrition is a complex medical specialization, physicians need to have the capacity to analyse the needs of patients as a whole and to have the expertise needed to identify optimal solutions to the patient's needs.


Dr. Elena Tănase – Specialist in Internal Medicine

Dr. Elena Tăanase holds competence in general ultrasound, she is a graduate of the Nutrition and Food Safety Master, at UMF Carol Davila and participated in scientific manifestations related to nutrition.

What are the workshop coordinates?

When does the workshop take place?

Every Thursday at 18:00 at DigestMed.

How to register for the workshop?

0743 344 378 |

How much does the workshop cost?

The workshop price is 50 lei/person


You can reach us by using the following public transport means:

METRO : M3 Lujerului TRAM : 41 Bd. Uverturii station BUS : 178 Teatrul Masca station; 106, 136, 236, 336 Piata Veteranilor station TROLLEYBUS : 61, 62 Piata Veteranilor station

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