What does the workshop entail?

Through our nutrition education workshop you can offer your employees the opportunity to access accurate information on both diet and lifestyle from the perspective of attitude, physical activity and relaxation.

The workshop includes professional weighing, a presentation of the main rules of dieting and lifestyle as well as interactive discussions between employees and our nutrition consultant.

Professional weighing with the Tanita body analyzer

Provides information on the total amount of body fat, visceral fat, muscle mass, bone mass, total body water, metabolic age. This way your employees can be warned about metabolic problems that usually do not cause symptoms and can then correct them.

Presentation of diet and lifestyle rules

The aim of the workshop is to share some ideas about what a balanced diet means for young but sedentary people, to provide a set of basic information valid at any stage of life, but also the motivation to make a change and maintain it long-term.

Meal planning saves time, budget, unnecessary worries and of course, health. In addition, it is well known that proper and healthy eating habits increase labor productivity and lower medical costs.

Interactive discussions

During these discussions, your employees can ask our nutrition consultant questions about diet and lifestyle and can obtain information about the weighing results.

Follow-up – in the next 4-6 weeks

All those who want in-depth interpretation of the result of professional weighing during the workshop and individual nutritional recommendations are invited to schedule for an individual session of Nutrition Consulting at our clinic.

Practical activities

  • Practical demonstration of proper hydration during office stays. 
  • We will have bottles of plain water. Each employee will calculate the amount of water they should drink during the day (depending on their weight), divide it into time periods and practice hydration during the workshop.
  • We will decipher together the traps of the lists of ingredients for basic products (examples on the computer but also with samples in the gym).
  • We will do a practical demonstration on how we can enjoy a healthy snack at the office without sacrificing time, money or making a health discount.
  • We will perform breathing and mobility exercises every 50-60 minutes (employees are asked to come dressed comfortably – no high-heels or ties).

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