When should you see a specialist?

When your weight has reached an unprecedented maximum or you feel that in the last months your physical endurance has decreased, you do not sleep well and you have problems with digestion or breathing.

What will you find out during the session?

  • Total body weight.
  • Body mass index and basal metabolism.
  • Percentage of body / visceral fat.
  • Total body water content.
  • Muscle and bone mass.
  • Biological age.

What will you receive?

  • Interpretation of results from our nutrition consultant.
  • Personalised initial recommendations for a new lifestyle.
  • 10% discount on the next nutrition consultation.

Did you gain weight in 2021?

During the COVID-19 pandemic:

  • people bought more food to get out of the house less often;
  • they ate it, went out again, and ate more and more;
  • we have seen increased consumption of fast food, sweets and alcohol;
  • sedentary lifestyle has increased (standing for hours in front of various screens);
  • Isolation exacerbated fear and caused anxiety, increased the use of anxiolytic drugs that affect the intestinal flora and negatively influence intestinal absorption.

Globally, there is talk of a COVIBESITY pandemic now taking place.

Obesity is a chronic disease!

  • Obesity affects our quality of life in countless ways:
  • our confidence decreases, we isolate ourselves and depression soon appears;
  • we have sleep apnea and gastroesophageal reflux, so the quality of sleep decreases significantly;
  • cardiovascular disease causes high blood pressure and venous insufficiency;
  • excessive weight torments our joints and then we give up exercise and interrupt the work-home circuit so we isolate ourselves, stay at home, eat more;
  • fatty liver and type 2 diabetes (and all the other diseases listed above) force us to take countless treatments, then other drugs for tolerance, we end up taking too many and this further affects our emotional state;
  • hormonal disorders, both in men and especially in women (regardless of age: puberty, adolescence, adulthood, menopause, etc.), affect our mood, sweet cravings, libido, accentuating the feeling of guilt;
  • urinary incontinence occurs, it is seldom addressed and that limits our actions outside the home;
  • migraines can follow us all the time.

The solution? Changing our eating behavior!

How we look and feel today is the result of our actions so far. In order to change our looks it is mandatory to first make changes in our behavior.

In order for these changes to be correct, lasting over time and not to affect our health even worse, it is good to go over them together with a nutritionist.

Online nutrition consultation (NEW!)

Who is it for:

  • The session is addressed both to people suffering from various digestive disorders (irritable bowel syndrome, ulcers, reflux disease, pancreatitis, etc.) and to those with other types of suffering (disorders of blood fats, malnutrition, obesity, etc.).
  • The session is also recommended for people without known diseases, but who want to adopt a healthy lifestyle, thus having the opportunity to prevent or delay the development of certain diseases.

What is included in a meeting:

  • short questionnaire to know the patient’s current lifestyle (eating habits and preferences, current body weight, physical activity, etc.);
  • anamnesis, medical history with the presentation of medical documents, where applicable;
  • weight variation history and communication of current body parameters (weight, circumference);
  • communicating the desired goal by the patient and establishing the time in which they can achieve it;
  • presentation of the Food Journal (its role and the correct way to complete it);
  • compiling the Shopping List and its role in maintaining a diet or diet;
  • drawing up a meal plan for a week taking into account those discussed with the patient (culinary preferences, budget, lifestyle, proposed goal).


  • Get accurate information on how to solve a health problem through dietary measures.
  • Learn the usefulness of using the daily food diary and get into the habit of not going shopping without a list.
  • Learn, through simple recipes, how to combine foods, make complete menus and resize portions.
  • Take steps to relieve symptoms, reduce and limit medication use.

* If the allotted time for the consultation is exhausted, the materials discussed will be sent to the patient by email within the next 12 hours.

* For patients who return to a subsequent consultation, its development will be customized with new, relevant information, based on the patient’s evolution.

Duration: 30 minutes

Price: 100 lei

DigestMed medical team

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