What does the program entail?

We all know the phrase “fat and beautiful” often used by the generations of the 50’s-80’s – in other words at that time, the extra pounds meant well-being in a time of multiple deprivations.

Over time, however, the diet and lifestyle changed, and people in Romania became more sedentary and adopted a Western-style diet, rich in sweets and fats and low in fibers. Society has begun to look at extra pounds differently and overweight or obese people tend to be stigmatized.

It has become apparent that behind all the extra pounds there are hidden health problems, some of them quite serious. Obesity is a chronic disease and its frequency in the population is increasing, including in children (one in two adolescents is obese).

The complications and consequences of obesity are multiple – cardiovascular disease, diabetes, liver or osteoarticular damage, gastroesophageal reflux disease, gallstones, etc. At the psychological level, it lowers self-confidence and affects the relationship (both from the individual to society, as they tend to become reclusive, and from society to the individual, as society tends to consider overweight people as being far from aesthetic ideals, lazy and unwilling).

The main “weapons” in the fight for a normal weight are diet and physical activity. Both diet and exercise should be considered as stable lifestyle changes. A drastic change cannot be maintained and the yo-yo effect of rapid weight gain often occurs. It is important that the goal of weight loss is realistic. With the exception of bariatric surgery, weight loss will be neither rapid nor drastic, making many people feel discouraged. We support you throughout this period of change, because giving up a healthy diet and exercise means, in the end, giving up on ourselves.

The program “CHOOSE A HEALTHY LIFESTYLE” is customized according to the goal set by mutual agreement with the patient and taking into account their current health.

The program is based on the L.E.A.N. (Lifestyle, Exercise, Attitude, Nutrition) for weight loss, prevention and reduction until the elimination of existing or chronic diseases.

The decision to lose weight is in our hands and we only need motivation, guidance and support on the path of transformation. We know that restrictive diets cause frustration, deprivation and ephemeral results, while rapid weight loss leads to the functional weakening of the body.

The “CHOOSE A HEALTHY LIFESTYLE” program will help you eat consciously, for your own benefit and not the benefit of the consumer industry.


  • lose weight healthy and feel full of energy;
  • reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, cancer or metabolic syndrome;
  • totally or partially reduce the drug treatment of chronic diseases;
  • you improve your quality of life;
  • In our program, you will rediscover the taste of healthy food, you will eat real food (properly prepared) and you will learn how to plan / make your meals so that you are not always hungry, you do not constantly think about food but at the same time, you maintain a proper weight in the long run.

Those who correctly followed our recommendations achieved their proposed goals in terms of weight and health, and with the maintenance program they managed to enjoy the holidays and other special situations.

The beneficiaries of our program manage to reach the stabilisation stage and most of them continue the program of maintaining the results in the next 1-2 years.

The personalized program “CHOOSE A HEALTHY LIFESTYLE” includes 6 sessions (the first 3 last 45 minutes each and the next 3 last 30 minutes each) in which patients will go through several stages in order to lose weight in a healthy way.


  • “PRE questionnaire” to assess the current way of life.
  • History (medical and / or weight gain history).
  • Measurement of body parameters (weight, abdominal circumference, hip circumference, as well as body composition by professional weighing).
  • Proposing / setting the desired goal.
  • Personalized investigation recommendation (where required).
  • Identifying the current cause / eating habits.
  • General notions about food, nutrients, stages of digestion.
  • Presentation of the weekly food diary.
  • Establishing general rules for a healthy lifestyle.
  • Personalized menu for a week.


  • Checking body parameters: weight, height, general condition.
  • Discuss up-to-date medical investigations (where previously recommended).
  • Discussing the weekly food diary.
  • Adapting a personalized, varied menu that can withstand changes during each counseling session.
  • Notions about carbohydrates and fiber types.
  • Analysis of accepted physical activities.
  • Motivational support / coaching.


  • Evaluation of body parameters after the first 2 weeks of application of the established plan.
  • Weekly food diary analysis.
  • Analysis of the degree of physical activity.
  • Custom menu recommended for the following week.
  • Notions about proteins, lipids, water (one for each week).
  • Stabilization of metabolism according to age, sex and activity.
  • Motivational support of the client throughout the counseling.
  • Assessing food buying behavior and consulting in this regard.


  • Evaluation of body parameters after 5 weeks of application of the established plan.
  • “POST Questionnaire” to assess the current way of life.
  • Comparative weekly food journal analysis.
  • Analysis of the degree of physical activity.
  • Recommendations of menus adapted to maintain and stabilize the weight level reached.
  • How to handle the holiday season.
  • Recommendations related to food buying behavior.

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