Who is the nutrition consultation session for?

The nutrition consultation session is aimed at people who want to use the benefits of a diet properly managed to alleviate the condition they suffer from.

In what conditions are dietary measures beneficial?

There is a wide range of digestive disorders that can be improved through dietary measures: irritable bowel syndrome, gastroesophageal reflux disease, ulcer, gastritis, celiac disease, fatty liver, chronic pancreatitis, food allergies, but also other types of disorders: blood fat disorders, malnutrition, obesity, etc.

Equally, the nutrition consulting session is addressed to people without known diseases who want to adopt a healthy lifestyle and thus have the opportunity to prevent or delay the development of certain diseases.

What is the most important issue that the meeting solves?

Dieting helps to alleviate the symptoms of various actions, as well as to reduce and sometimes limit the use of medications. Also, many people have several associated conditions and in this situation the nutritionist consultant has an important role in integrating dietary measures specific to various ailments and creating a unitary diet.

What is the main benefit of participating in the meeting?

The nutrition consulting session will help you get the right information about the possibility of solving a certain health problem through dietary measures. In addition, dietary measures will be personalized and adapted to your lifestyle.

How does the meeting differ from other standard meetings?

  • We offer you what you need to be or become healthy again and regain your well-being, through a variety of services that complement each other.
  • We are a team of specialists (gastroenterologists, nutritionists, endocrinologists, psychologists) with specialized training, experience and a lot of passion.
  • We create personalized programs for every patient who crosses our threshold, whether they want to lose weight or use a diet to solve their ailments.
  • We consider each organism as an entity and treat it as such. We develop diets adapted to the patient and their lifestyle (we take into account family characteristics and activity), we make recommendations for physical activity accessible to the patient’s fitness level.
  • We provide permanent motivational counseling.
  • The principles of nutrition are based on science and not on “en vogue” nutritional trends, which can be dangerous in the long run.
  • Because health is multifactorial and so is regaining it, we also re-evaluate the patient in an interdisciplinary manner, if necessary.
  • We actively involve and hold the client accountable in the transformation process. It is not a secret that without their willingness and cooperation the results can be delayed.

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