Hepatitis C treatment

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), about 500 million people are infected with the hepatitis C virus. In Romania, the incidence of hepatitis C is rising slightly, affecting about 4% of Romanians or 800,000 people, a percentage that is on par with the rest of European countries. In recent years, research has led to the discovery of a revolutionary treatment that can eradicate the C virus with an effectiveness of over 95%.

The DigestMed Clinic offers the possibility of complete pre-therapeutic evaluation and monitoring of antiviral treatment and has a contract with the National Health Insurance House.

How to determine the treatment indication

Chronic C virus infection is detected by a blood test that detects antibodies produced by the immune system to fight against the virus. Later, the appearance and function of the liver will be evaluated through specific blood tests and abdominal ultrasound. When investigations show advanced liver damage, an upper digestive endoscopy is also required. The level of the virus in the blood (viremia) should be assessed before the start of treatment and after its completion. There are currently several treatment options that are selected based on the degree of liver damage as well as the associated health problems and the patient’s current medication. All the examinations necessary to establish the therapeutic indication as well as the monitoring during and after the treatment can be performed within the DigestMed clinic.

Hepatitis C virus statistics

  • In Romania, approximately 800,000 people are affected by the hepatitis C virus.
  • 80% of adults infected with the hepatitis C virus will develop a chronic condition.
  • There is a treatment that can eradicate the hepatitis C virus with over 95% effectiveness.

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