Occult gastrointestinal bleeding refers to the loss of blood from various digestive lesions into the feces and is unobservable with the naked eye. Thus, daily losses of up to 100 ml of blood do not change the appearance of the stool.

The Occult Bleeding Test (FOBT) is currently the first screening investigation for colorectal cancer because colon polyps and tumors can cause small amounts of blood to be present in the stool. The bleeding rate in the case of polyps increases with the size of the polyps, and in the case of colorectal cancer with its stage.

Thus, the test facilitates the selection of patients at risk for further specific investigations such as colonoscopy. Studies have shown that using this test significantly reduced colorectal cancer mortality.

How the test is performed

The patient receives the harvesting kit at the DigestMed reception. Stool harvesting is done at home without the need for dietary changes or stopping any treatment. Afterwards, the container must be brought within 5 days to the DigestMed clinic where the test is performed quickly, in about 2 minutes.

At the DigestMed clinic we have a quantitative test for occult bleeding that allows the classification of the risk into: absent, risk of small polyps, risk of advanced polyps and risk of colorectal cancer. This way we find out if the patient needs a colonoscopic evaluation and how urgent it is.

The test is positive at a fecal Hb concentration of 75-100 ng / ml (15-20 µg Hb / g fecal).

Patients with test values ​​of 80-99 ng / ml fall into the high-risk category and require screening colonoscopy.

Reference intervals

Adenoma: 155 ng / ml (84-226)

Advanced adenoma: 559 ng / ml (199-918)

Colorectal cancer: 709 ng / ml (536-881)

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