Medical Services


In the context of the coronavirus epidemic, the DigestMed clinic offers you the possibility of FREE gastroenterological medical advice made by phone and ONLINE medical consultation by videoconference. This way you can communicate with our doctors to describe your problems and you can send medical documents with previous analyses or investigations. Our doctors will analyse your data and guide you regarding your problem, treatment or the need for further investigation. Medical advice and online medical consultations do NOT replace the medical consultation and do NOT establish the diagnosis, depending on the situation it may be necessary to present to the clinic for clinical examination and additional investigations.
Appointments can be made using the phone number 0743344378, through e-mail at or online at
Using the two ways of remote medical evaluation, you can go to the clinic only when it is really necessary. You will be fully evaluated, through all necessary investigations, at the time of presentation.
What is the difference between medical advice, online medical consultation and medical consultation?