Personalized program

“Healthily Lose weight –lifestyle optimization”

What does the program involve?

Genetic predisposition, associated with inappropriate nutrition and lack of physical activity, results in the gradual accumulation of kilograms of fat. This excess fat is not just a tissue void of activity, responsible for the inaesthetic appearance. Excessive fat, especially in internal organs, is an active metabolic of the tissue, capable of secreting a series of compounds responsible for the occurrence of various diseases and a disruption of metabolism, so it becomes more and more difficult to return to weight healthy.

A correct nutrition approach must take all of these factors into account so that weight loss can be maintained. Our personalized " Healthily Lose weight - Lifestyle Optimization" program is not a diet, so it does not create frustration, but it calls for a healthy lifestyle through a balanced diet and regular physical rules. The personalized program consists of 6 sessions (the first 3 of 45 minutes and the next 3 of 30 minutes) in which patients will go through several stages in order to lose weight in a healthy way:

  • 'PRE Questionnaire' to evaluate the current lifestyle

  • Anamnesis (medical history and/or of the weight gain)

  • Body parameters measurement (weight, abdominal circumference, hips circumeference, professional weighing)

  • Proposal/setting of desired objective

  • Personalized recommendation for medical investigations (where necessary)
  • Identifying the cause/current eating habits
  • General notions about food, nutrients, digestion process
  • Prezentarea jurnalului alimentar saptamanal
  • Setting the general rules for a healthy lifestyle
  • Personalized menu for one week
  • Verification of body parameters: weight, waist, general condition

  • Discussion of updated medical investigations (where previously recommended)

  • Discutarea jurnalului alimentar saptamanal

  • Adapting the varied, customized menu, which can withstand changes at each counseling session

  • Notions about carbohydrates and fiber types

  • Analysis of accepted physical activities
  • Motivational support / coaching
  • Evaluation of body parameters after the first 2 weeks of implementation of the established plan

  • Weekly food journal analysis

  • Analysis of the degree of physical activity

  • Personalized menu recommended for the next week

  • Notions about protein, lipids, water (one for each week)
  • Stabilization of metabolism according to age, gender and activity
  • Motivational support of the client throughout the counseling period
  • Evaluation of food buying behavior and consulting in this regard
  • Evaluation of body parameters after 5 weeks of application of the established plan
  • 'POST Questionnaire' to evaluate the current lifestyle
  • Comparative weekly food journal analysis
  • Analysis of the degree of physical activity
  • Recommendations of Menus adapted to maintaining and stabilizing the level of weight achieved
  • How to deal with vacations or holidays
  • Recommendations related to the food-buying behavior

Who conducts the program?

Maria Martac
Maria Martac - Biologist, Nutrition Consultant and Health Coach, is competent in the principles of food nutrients and their values, preparing menus in the case of diets, nutrition of children and adolescents, nutrition of pregnant women, nutrition of sportsmen, is a founding member of AREA - Romanian Association for Allergy Education and holds the Health Coach certificate issued by the Dr Sears Wellness Institute.

What are the program coordinates?

Care este programul consultantului?

In fiecare joi de la 15:00 la 20:00 at DigestMed

How to register?

0743 344 378 |

How much does the program cost?

The total price is 900 lei which can be paid 150 lei at the end of each session or 750 lei payment in advance upon signing up.


You can reach us by using the following public transport means:

METRO : M3 Lujerului TRAM : 41 Bd. Uverturii station BUS : 178 Teatrul Masca station; 106, 136, 236, 336 Piata Veteranilor station TROLLEYBUS : 61, 62 Piata Veteranilor station

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