Dr. Daniela Alecu


Medic specialist gastroenterolog

Specialist gastroenterologist from 2022, graduate of the Faculty of General Medicine Carol Davila in Bucharest, with residency completed between 2016-2022 at the University Emergency Hospital Bucharest. She has expertise in abdominal ultrasound, diagnostic and therapeutic digestive endoscopy.

She has participated in numerous Congresses of the Romanian Society of Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Endoscopy. She is a member of the Romanian Society of Gastroenterology and Hepatology. She has participated in the UMF Congresses in the Carol Davila Faculty of Medicine, Bucharest and in the symposia of the Romanian Society of Internal Medicine.

She was a Medical Doctor at Ponderas Academic Hospital, Bucharest, and participated in the events organized by the Royal Club of Doctors at Ponderas Hospital.
She holds the competence of Nutritionist Technician within the Academy of Nutrition,, Sanatate, Te iubesc, carried out at Monza Hospital, Bucharest.

“I consider gastroenterology to be a complex specialty dealing with prevention, detection, diagnosis and in addition I believe that nutrition has a primary role in the prevention and recovery of patients with diseases of the digestive tract and adjoining organs. The key to solving a medical problem is the relationship between doctor and patient which must be a partnership relationship to work. Open communication with honesty and mutual respect is required.

Patients entrust doctors with their health and doctors take responsibility for making a diagnosis and planning treatment. But for treatment to work properly, patients need to understand their illness and follow the treatment plan in a responsible way. This is why it is so important that the doctor-patient relationship is a healthy one and empathy is the first step in forming a doctor-patient relationship. The doctor must be empathetic, warm and optimistic, exuding trust and hope. Morally the doctor must be a lover of people.”



450 LEI

EDS (urgenta)

500 LEI


550 LEI

Colonoscopie (urgenta)

600 LEI

Polipectomie simpla

350 LEI

Polipectomie complexa

550 LEI


500 LEI

Ecografie abdominala Arieta

330 LEI

Ecografie abdominala (urgenta)

400 LEI

Consult + eco abdominala Arieta

470 LEI

Consult + eco abdominala (urgenta)

520 LEI

Consult gastroenterologie

270 LEI

Consult complex gastroenterologie

400 LEI

Consult gastroenterologie (urgenta)

340 LEI

Consult control gastroenterologie

230 LEI

Consult pacient strain

350 LEI

Test endoscopic HP

100 LEI

Prelevare biopsie

50 LEI

Test Bioptic

30 LEI

Inregistrare stick

50 LEI


250 LEI

Injectare (polipectomie)

150 LEI

Administrare perfuzii

60 LEI

Administrare injectie IM/IV

50 LEI

Utilizare clip

100 LEI

Examen histopatologic

250 LEI


200 LEI

Elastografie cu coeficient steatoza

300 LEI

Ecografie abdominala + elastografie

450 LEI

Ecografie cu contrast grup de 2 pacienti

500 LEI

Ecografie cu contrast un singur pacient 

600 LEI

Bandare hemoroizi

1700 LEI

Coagulare cu Argon Plasma

300 LEI

Test depistare hemoragii oculte

125 LEI

Consultanta online

300 LEI

Control online

250 LEI

Tus endoscopic

300 LEI


4500 LEI