Dr. Buta Cristian



The only beauty I know is health!

I want to harness my passion for the field of gastroenterology by contributing to improving the health and balance of patients, together applying effective methods of prevention and treatment!

Through my experience in multiple university centers with hundreds of patients from diverse backgrounds, cultures, training and social classes I believe I am open and ready for any challenge with gentleness and patience.

Gastroenterology specialist since 2022, graduate of the Ovidius Faculty of Medicine in Constanta, class of 2017.

Residency in gastroenterology at Constanta Emergency County Clinical Hospital and Bucharest Emergency Clinical Hospital from 2017-2022.



500 LEI

EDS (urgenta)

560 LEI


610 LEI

Colonoscopie (urgenta)

660 LEI

Polipectomie simpla

350 LEI

Polipectomie complexa

600 LEI


550 LEI

Ecografie abdominala Arieta

370 LEI

Ecografie abdominala (urgenta)

430 LEI

Consult + eco abdominala Arieta

540 LEI

Consult + eco abdominala (urgenta)

595 LEI

Consult gastroenterologie

290 LEI

Consult gastroenterologie (urgenta)

355 LEI

Consult control gastroenterologie

245 LEI

Consult pacient strain

450 LEI

Test endoscopic HP

100 LEI

Prelevare biopsie

50 LEI

Inregistrare stick

50 LEI


250 LEI

Injectare (polipectomie)

150 LEI

Utilizare clip

100 LEI

Examen histopatologic

250 LEI


200 LEI

Elastografie cu coeficient steatoza

315 LEI

Ecografie abdominala + elastografie

480 LEI

Ecografie cu contrast grup de 2 pacienti

500 LEI

Ecografie cu contrast un singur pacient 

600 LEI

Bandare hemoroizi

1700 LEI

Coagulare cu Argon Plasma

300 LEI

Test depistare hemoragii oculte

125 LEI

Consultanta online

320 LEI

Control online

265 LEI

Tus endoscopic

300 LEI


4500 LEI