DigestMed Gastroenterology Clinic

DigestMed is a gastroenterology clinic in Bucharest, dedicated to diagnosing and treating diseases of the digestive system.

Gastroenterology, endocrinology, hepatology, psychiatry and nutrition consultations can be performed at the clinic. Additionally, our clinic makes available the necessary investigations for a correct diagnosis: abdominal ultrasound, upper digestive endoscopy, colonoscopy or occult hemorrhage test.

The DigestMed gastroenterology clinic team consists of gastroenterologists with experience and expertise in treating digestive diseases.

We are here to provide all the necessary care for gastroenterology patients.

Medical Team DigestMed

Medici Gastroentrologi Digestmed

Experienced medical team

Modern medical equipment

Servicii Gastroenterologie Digestmed

Medical services to European standards

Day hospitalization in optimal conditions

Why DigestMed?

Open NEW! Day hospitalization for endoscopic investigations