What is psychiatry?

Psychiatry is the branch of medicine that diagnoses and treats mental disorders. Psychiatric disorders can affect many aspects of one’s life like the physical activity, emotions, perception, thoughts, interpersonal relations, professional activity and leisure time. These disorders can have as cause in the combination of several factors, namely: biological factors, psychological factors and social factors.

When do we need a psychiatric consultation?



Are you in a state of sadness, indecision, empty spirit, hopelessness, senseless agitation, insomnia? These may be signs of depression. Visiting a psychiatrist can help you get rid of these conditions and can help you enjoy a peaceful life.



Are you experiencing unexpected episodes of intense anxiety, palpitations, accelerated pulse, tremors, fear of death, tingling sensations all over your body? The panic attack can easily be diagnosed and treated by the psychiatrist.

The psychiatrist

The psychiatrist can evaluate, diagnose, initiate treatment, and track the progression of patients with depressive disorders, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder, dementia, addiction, pulse control disorders, chronic and acute sleep disorders, affective disorders in the context of organic diseases, or psychotic spectrum disorders.

Psychiatric treatments and their purpose

The primary goal of psychiatric treatments is to modify pathological behaviors and, implicitly, to improve the quality of life of the patient and his/her family. Therapy can be pharmacological or through psychotherapy. Current psychotropic medication is diverse, safe and easy to tolerate. In psychotherapy, the therapist creates a framework that allows the patient to discover and use their own resources. A combined therapeutic strategy brings a better understanding and acceptance of the disease, a better compliance of the patient to treatment, a faster relief of symptoms and a faster improvement in the quality of life.


DigestMed Clinic

DigestMed is a privately-owned medical clinic primarily involved in the diagnosis and treatment of digestive diseases and performs medical work at the highest European standards. DigestMed provides patients with a range of services including gastroenterology, hepatology and digestive endoscopy, endocrinology and psychiatry.

DigestMed provides consultations of Psychiatry in contract with CNAS.



We perform in a pleasant and welcoming environment and put a special emphasis on hygiene and cleanliness, providing our patients with complete safety, comfort and medical services at a high-quality standard.


Each and every patient is important to us and we strive to respect the appointment time. However, the planned time may be offset due to cases that may require more detailed investigations than planned at the time of scheduling.


In each specialized section of the DigestMed clinic, our patients are informed about the investigations they are about to perform and their questions and concerns about their health status will promptly be answered .


DigestMed will provide you with a medical team composed of professional physicians with high expertise in the field, who, following the performed investigations, offer the patients a fast and efficient treatment, specific to the needs they meet.

The Medical Team

DigestMed offers you a team of physicians with extensive experience and expertise in the treatment of digestive diseases. Our physicians are open to communication with the patients and work with you in order to develop an optimal therapeutic strategy according to your expectations and your health.

At DigestMed your health is our goal, which is why our team is ready to answer your requests and provide you with assistance in dealing with your health problems. DigestMed Clinic provides you with a quick consultation service if your health problems require urgent assessment and treatment. We also offer the possibility to make an online appointment by completing the form on the DigestMed website.

Denisa Mangalagiu

Specialist in Psychiatry

Dr. Denisa Mangalagiu is a Specialist in Psychiatry with competence in psychotherapy and Erikson relaxation. The consults can be provided in Romanian.

Fees list - Psychiatry

DigestMed provides medical services settled by the following private insurance companies:

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Dr. Denisa Mangalagiu

Specialist in Psychiatry




Our clinic is located in Bucharest, sector 6.

You can reach us by using the following public transport means: METRO : M3 Lujerului TRAM : 41 Bd. Uverturii station, BUS : 178 Teatrul Masca station; 106, 136, 236, 336 Piata Veteranilor station, TROLLEYBUS : 61, 62 Piata Veteranilor station