Nutrition education for a healthy lifestyle

Programul consultantei de nutritie online este de acum disponibil si marti intre orele 12:00 – 18:00 si miercuri intre orele 10:00 – 15:00, pentru programari sunati la numarul 0743344378.

Online nutrition consultancy (NEW!)

In the context of the coronavirus epidemic, the DigestMed clinic offers you the possibility of ONLINE nutritional consulting by videoconference.
This period is a special one, most of us experiencing such times for the first time in our lives. Therefore, it is very important to learn, as soon as possible, how to adapt our lifestyle in an intelligent and conscious way, so that we do not suffer from a nutritional point of view.
Who is it for:
The session is addressed to people suffering from various digestive disorders (irritable bowel syndrome, ulcers, reflux disease, pancreatitis, etc.), but also to other types of disorders (blood fat disorders, malnutrition, obesity, etc.).
It is also recommended for people without known diseases, who want to adopt a healthy lifestyle, thus having the opportunity to prevent or delay the development of certain diseases.
What is included in a session:
• short questionnaire to know the current lifestyle of the patient (eating habits and preferences, current body weight, physical activities, etc.);
• anamnesis, medical history with the presentation of medical documents, where applicable;
• history of weight variation and communication of current body parameters (weight, circumference);
• communicating the desired goal by the patient and establishing the time in which he can achieve it;
• presentation of the Food Journal (the role and the correct way to complete it on a model);
• compiling the Shopping List and its role in maintaining a diet;
• preparation of a meal plan for a week taking into account those discussed with the patient (culinary preferences, budget, lifestyle, proposed goal).
• Get accurate information about the possibility of solving a certain health problem through dietary measures.
• Learn the usefulness of using the daily food diary and get into the habit of not going shopping without a list.
• Learn, through simple recipes, how to combine foods, make complete menus and resize portions.
• Take steps to relieve symptoms, reduce and limit medication use.
* If the time allotted for the consultation is exhausted, the materials discussed will be sent to the patient by email within the next 12 hours.
* For patients who return to a subsequent consultation, its development will be customized with new, relevant information, based on the patient's evolution.
Duration: 30 minutes
Price: 100 RON



  1. Click on the button below "Schedule online nutrition consultancy"
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  3. Online payment is made by bank card

After making the payment you will receive in a few minutes by email the details about the chosen appointment together with a link that please access on the day and time of the appointment.
In the meantime, please prepare in electronic format the medical documents with previous analyzes or investigations, make sure that you have stable access to the Internet, functional video camera and microphone on the device you will use (phone, laptop or tablet) and install on the application device Zoom.


The average time for the online nutrition consulting service is estimated at 30 minutes, but the nutritionist is the one who decides to complete the consultation after evaluating each patient.
Due to the confidentiality of sensitive data, the video conference is not saved in video format and cannot be accessed later.


In the exceptional situation in which the videoconference is interrupted during the online medical consultation, in order to resume the consultation, please use again the link you received in the appointment confirmation email.


Cancellations or rescheduling are allowed up to 24 hours in advance by phone to the number 0743.344.378 or by email to In case of cancellation at least 24 hours before, the amount collected in advance is refunded within a maximum of 72 hours to the IBAN account indicated by the patient.

What does the workshop entail?

Through our nutrition education workshop you can offer your employees the opportunity to access correct information regarding both diet and lifestyle from the perspective of attitude, physical activity, relaxation.

The workshop includes professional weighing, a presentation of the main diet and lifestyle rules as well as interactive discussions between employees and our nutrition consultant.

Professional weighing with Tanita body analyzer

It provides information on the total amount of body fat, visceral fat, muscle mass, bone mass, total body water, metabolic age. This way your employees can be warned about metabolic problems that usually do not give symptoms and can correct them.

Presentation of diet and lifestyle rules

The purpose of the workshop is to share some ideas about what a balanced diet entails for young, usually sedentary people, to provide a set of basic information that is valid at any stage of life, but also the motivation to make a change and keep it long term.

Meal planning saves time, budget, unnecessary worries and, of course, health. In addition, it is well known that correct and healthy eating habits increase work productivity and lower medical costs.

Interactive discussions

During these discussions your employees can ask questions about the diet and lifestyle of our nutrition consultant and get information about the weighing result.

Follow-up - in the next 4-6 weeks

All those who want an in-depth interpretation of the result of the professional weighing during the workshop and individual nutritional recommendations are invited to schedule at our clinic for an individual session "Nutrition Consultancy".

Practical activities

  • Practical demonstration of correct hydration while sitting in the office. We will have bottles with plain water. Each employee will calculate the amount of water they should drink during a day (depending on weight), divide it into periods of time and exercise hydration during the workshop.
  • We will decipher together the traps of ingredient lists of basic products (examples on the laptop but also with samples in the room)
  • We will demonstrate practically how we can have a healthy snack at the office without sacrificing time, money or getting healthy.
  • We will execute breathing and mobility exercises every 50-60 minutes (employees are asked to come dressed comfortably - no heels or tie)

Who holds the workshop?

tarife Martac Maria
Maria Martac - Biologist, Nutrition Consultant and Health Coach, is competent in the principles of food nutrients and their values, preparing menus in the case of diets, nutrition of children and adolescents, nutrition of pregnant women, nutrition of sportsmen, is a founding member of AREA - Romanian Association for Allergy Education and holds the Health Coach certificate issued by the Dr Sears Wellness Institute.

What are the coordinates of the workshop?

Where is the workshop?

At the client's premises.

What is the consultant's program?

It is established with the client.

How to register for workshop?

0743 344 378 |

How much does the workshop cost?

The price is customized according to the number of employees of the client and the number of sessions to be held.


You can reach us by using the following public transport means:

METRO : M3 Lujerului TRAM : 41 Bd. Uverturii station BUS : 178 Teatrul Masca station; 106, 136, 236, 336 Piata Veteranilor station TROLLEYBUS : 61, 62 Piata Veteranilor station