DigestMed este o clinica de gastroenterologie din Bucuresti, dedicata diagnosticarii si tratarii afectiunilor sistemului digestiv.

In cadrul clinicii se pot efectua consultatii de gastroenterologie, endocrinologie, hepatologie si de nutritie. De asemenea, investigatiile necesare unui diagnostic corect sunt disponibile in clinica noastra: ecografie abdominala, endoscopie digestiva superioara, colonoscopie sau test de hemoragii oculte.

Echipa clinicii de gastroenterologie DigestMed este formata din medici gastroenterologi cu experienta si expertiza in tratarea bolilor digestive.

Suntem aici pentru a oferi toate ingrijirile necesare pacientului cu afectiuni din sfera gastroenterologiei.

DigestMed realizeaza investigatiile endoscopice (endoscopia digestiva superioara si colonoscopia) cu sedare! 

Aceasta modalitate este optionala si se aplica doar la cererea pacientului.


If you need a quick consultation in 24h, you can benefit from an emergency consultation as we quickly adapt to your program and needs. Please contact us at 0743 344 378 or contact@digestmed.ro with a message titled ”Urgent”


Appointments can be made from Monday to Friday between 08:00 and 20:00 at 0743344378 or 24 hours a day online by pressing the button bellow Make an Appointment. Our clinic is located in Bucharest, sector 6.

The work schedule of the DigestMed Clinic:

Monday - Friday: 08:00 - 20:00

DigestMed furnizeaza servicii de Gastroenterologie, Endocrinologie si Psihiatrie in contract cu CNAS. Information regarding the CNAS discounts


Beneficiati de cel mai bun raport calitate-pret, echipa noastra punand la dispozitia dvs. personal medical cu experienta si expertiza vaste in domeniu, echipamente medicale de ultima generatie si un serviciu clienti dedicat si profesionist,




Elena Ciupercă

Senior Specialist in Gastroenterology

Tudor Arbănaș

Senior Specialist in Gastroenterology and Assistant Professor

Adelina Popescu

Specialist in Gastroenterology

Carmen Ruxandra Posoiu

Senior Specialist in Gastroenterology

Florica Năftănăilă-Mali

Senior Specialist in Internal Medicine and Specialist in Gastroenterology (M. D. Medical Doctor)

Elena-Bianca Istratie

Specialist in Gastroenterology


Monica-Adriana Stana

Specialist in Gastroenterology

Cornelia Giba

Specialist in Endocrinology

Alina Rusu

Specialist in Endocrinology

Mihai Andrei

Medic primar gastroenterolog

Denisa Mangalagiu

Specialist in Psychiatry

Maria Martac

Biologist, Nutrition consultant, Health Coach




We perform in a pleasant and welcoming environment and put a special emphasis on hygiene and cleanliness, providing our patients with complete safety, comfort and medical services at a high-quality standard. ……… ………… ………


Each and every patient is important to us and we strive to respect the appointment time. However, the planned time may be offset due to cases that may require more detailed investigations than planned at the time of scheduling. ………


In each specialized section of the DigestMed clinic, our patients are informed about the investigations they are about to perform and their questions and concerns about their health status will promptly be answered .


DigestMed will provide you with a medical team composed of professional physicians with high expertise in the field, who, following the performed investigations, offer the patients a fast and efficient treatment, specific to the needs they meet. ………


Appointments can be made Monday to Friday, between 08:00-20:00
la numarul de telefon de mai jos:


or non-stop by pressing the button below with instant confirmation via SMS.


In the context of the coronavirus epidemic, the DigestMed clinic offers you the possibility of FREE gastroenterological medical advice made by phone and ONLINE medical consultation by videoconference. This way you can communicate with our doctors to describe your problems and you can send medical documents with previous analyses or investigations. Our doctors will analyse your data and guide you regarding your problem, treatment or the need for further investigation. Medical advice and online medical consultations do NOT replace the medical consultation and do NOT establish the diagnosis, depending on the situation it may be necessary to present to the clinic for clinical examination and additional investigations.
Appointments can be made using the phone number 0743344378, through e-mail at contact@digestmed.ro or online at https://digestmed.ro/programari.
Using the two ways of remote medical evaluation, you can go to the clinic only when it is really necessary. You will be fully evaluated, through all necessary investigations, at the time of presentation.
What is the difference between medical advice, online medical consultation and medical consultation?
For the time being, online appointments can only be made for paid services.
DigestMed is a partner of the Independent Medics Association